Anti-Pollution / Antioxidant


Nature and technology in perfect harmony


Pollution comes from the Latin “pollere,” meaning dirty, and is understood as the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment, to adverse effect. In other words, pollution is the disease of our lifetime. But what many don’t realize is that we hold the solution to even the most gruelling of pollution threats, and the trick lies in knowing how to perfectly synthesize nature and technology. While we have yet to come up with the right formula for the planet as a whole, we’re way ahead of the game when it comes to protecting your face. We’ve mastered the nature-technology sweet spot on this one, you can trust in that.

Feel the Glycofilm Pollustop protective shield as it works, acting as a buffer between you and the stress of pollution, allowing your skin to breathe and stimulating its natural defence mechanisms in the process. An all-natural biosaccharide shield, Glycofilm 1.5P is transparent and non-occlusive. Come face to face with cutting edge natural technology, and experience the interactive high-tech matrix that we have developed to help you save face. This is more than just a cream! Aqua+ Skincare goes beyond arming you against UV, atmospheric, and domestic pollutants: our product also happens to be an antioxidant skin cream for the ages.


A shield for your daily battle


To choose Aqua+ is to choose a significant decrease in the build-up of carbon particles on the skin, real defence against heavy metal-induced toxicity, and strong preventive measures against inflammation caused by UV rays. Our unprecedented face cream also safeguards your skin against harmful sulphates contained in hygiene and household products.

80% of the world’s population is exposed to fine particle pollution, or PM2.5, such as the smog found in urban areas. When skin is exposed over and over again to contaminants, pro-oxidants weigh down our systems, which can compromise the vital functioning of our tissue and cells, and the skin’s ability to renew and detoxify itself. That’s when inflammation and other skin conditions take root. In a study on 400 Caucasian women between 70 and 80 years old, 20% had dark spots on their forehead and cheeks as a result of long-term exposure to traffic pollution. In order to avoid skin conditions like premature aging, itching, blemishes, and dryness, or even worse, irreversible damage to your skin’s natural defence mechanisms, let one of nature’s best antioxidant face cream shield you from the bad stuff.


A recipe for protection


Our all-natural, anti-pollution face cream is much gentler than a suit of armour, but powerfully effective nonetheless. It contains olive leaf extract to help your skin naturally resist damage caused by oxidation and UV rays, and to proactively maintain its softness. Beeswax locks in moisture, nourishes cells and protects your skin from damage incurred by environmental factors. This time-honoured ingredient also has a softening effect, and provides a protective layer that will defend with endurance, employing its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and antioxidant properties, all of which are integral to any one-of-a-kind, next-level antioxidant face cream!