Just because you’re busy it doesn’t mean you have to look it


In a society where women are told they must chase and hold on to youth with everything they’ve got, it’s no wonder that anti-aging creams are so popular and sought after. But how many do you know of that actually work? At AQUA+, we treat aging not as something that must be magically reversed, but as something that the world we live in often accelerates. After all, we would all look a lot younger in a world with pristine waters and unpolluted skies. But leading a busy life with consistent exposure to UV, atmospheric, and domestic pollutants doesn’t have to mean tired, neglected, or damaged skin that is prone to premature aging.


The secret to looking young need not be unlocked!


The painting by Austrian artist Eduard Veith shows an enchanted scene at the mythical Fountain of Youth. Throughout history, many have sought mystical ways of restoring youth. The ancient Greek poet Homer called old age “loathsome” and Shakespeare called it “hideous winter.” So it’s not hard to understand why there have always been hopes that something soon to be discovered will forever banish old age. But there is no need for a fountain of youth, an obscure formula, or a harrowing quest for the hidden answer. The earth has a solution for every problem humans possess, and for every need we have. In this case, it is simply a matter of accessing the right natural ingredients to create one of the best anti-aging creams out there. Our premium product naturally and effectively supports elasticity, moisture, skin nutrition, and counteraction of harsh chemicals and toxins daily.


Nature at work


The following are just some of the many top-quality, all-natural ingredients that our knowledgeable team has perfectly synthesized to create the best anti-aging cream you can fathom:

  • Glycofilm 1.5P contains Biosaccharide gum-4, to form an ultra-strong matrix on the skin’s surface and provide the epidermis with an all-natural second skin, much like a coat of armour, which protects it from physical and chemical aggression present in the environment.
  • Safflower oil – particularly good for sensitive skin, helps to maintain skin elasticity, dissolve blockages, and prevent acne outbreaks.
  • Citric Acid – rich in vitamin C, great for eliminating fatigue and is on the front lines of natural age-resistance.
  • Honeysuckle Flower Extract – reduces damage caused by free radicals, repairs and fills skin collapses, restores skin tightness, stretches coarse wrinkles, fades fine wrinkles, and generally helps you maintain a youthful, glowing appearance!
  • Algae Extract – which contains ample amounts of vitamin E and fiber, nourishes and moisturizes to help reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and freckles, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Tocopherols – wipe out melanoma and greatly diminish dark spots!
  • Apple Fruit Extract – effectively prevents premature aging of the skin, dryness, itching and flaking.
  • Lentil Extract – contains copper, zinc, carotene, galactose, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, all of which promote youthful, healthy-looking, moisturized skin.

Unearth the inner glow of youth you already possess within: try our anti-pollution, anti-aging cream and experience the difference.