About Us


Quality you can trust. But don’t take our word for it.


Our quality AQUA+ Anti-Pollution face cream is not just another face cream with the words “natural skincare” stamped across the top. We know there are millions of products out there cluttering the market, so we took the time to legitimize the quality of ours–because you deserve to know exactly what you’re putting on your face. Our product is 100% natural, Health Canada Compliant, Dermatologist tested, and made in a facility with Good Manufacturing Practice licensing.


Beauty and health: the false divide


You may not give natural ingredients too much thought. But you should. Because unfortunately, not doing so can mean exposing yourself to thousands of chemicals, many of which are absorbed by your body. Beauty is a lucrative industry, and a highly unregulated one, so customers suffer the consequences, whether they realize it or not. Trying to combat some of the harsher effects of life in the 21st century with beauty products that contribute to the level of toxicity you are already exposed to is not the way to go. While many of us have begun waking up to foods that are bad for us, and have started seeking out natural alternatives, few of us look at beauty products the same way and search for the best natural skin care products.


Our all-natural, natural anti-pollution face cream is truly a revolution in skincare, aimed at promoting healthy faces free of the skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and carcinogens present in so many of today’s products. Ours is not just a beauty product—it might even contribute to your overall health.


For every problem, nature has a solution: back to basics


Long before there were clinics and pharmaceutical grade medications, we (human beings) made very good use of the indispensable resources available to us in our natural environment in order to effectively treat just about every health and skin condition under the sun. Well, that’s what we’re about.


One of the best natural skincare products on the market, AQUA+ Skincare Anti-Pollution Cream contains apple fruit extract to prevent wrinkles, dryness, itching and cracking. Honeysuckle flower extract works to reduce free radical damage, repairs skin collapse, restores skin tightness, and fades wrinkles. Aloe leaf juice is added to the mix because it’s rich in vitamins, amino acids and water, so it nourishes and moisturizes. Lentil fruit extract contains copper, zinc, carotene, galactose, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, which all contribute to high-quality skincare. Zinc and copper play a special role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and moisture. And, at the very basis of our deluxe skincare product, Glycofilm 1.5P, containing Biosaccharide gum-4, forms an interactive, breathing, matrix-protector on your skin. Much like armor, Glycofilm protects your skin from harsh physical and chemical toxins present in the environment.


These are just a few of the many active natural ingredients in our skincare cream that work together to work magic on your skin. But the crazy part is, there’s nothing magical about it. Our face cream is simply the result of properly synthesizing what the earth has to offer.